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Inspirational Ceramic Tile Motifs for the Terrace of Your Cute House

This article will share with you about the ceramic tile motifs that you can use at your house terrace. Yes, it is undeniable that ceramic terrace houses can make our homes feel more elegant and comfortable to live in. As long as we can be right when choosing a motif and combining existing walls and furniture, ceramic tile floors can be chosen appropriately.

Wooden motif

Who said the wood motif is out of date? This is not true because ceramics with wood motifs are also able to make the terrace look more beautiful and attractive. The front porch of the house will look unique when you try to use ceramics with wood motifs. This type of ceramic motif is also able to make the house look more natural.

Ceramics with wood motifs are not only suitable for use on the front porch of the house. The living room or family room is also very suitable to be given ceramics with this one motif. Wood motifs will indeed give a natural impression, but this motif can also accentuate a calm impression on the part of the house.

Inspirational Ceramic Tile Motifs for the Terrace of Your Cute House
Inspirational Ceramic Tile Motifs for the Terrace of Your Cute House


If the ceramic floor of your house is boring, you can combine it with solid colors, namely, black and white or monochromatic. You can arrange floor tiles with a chessboard pattern like a chess piece board. The impression of the color of the ceramic floor of the house in monochrome can enliven

Shabby chic

For a shabby chic themed terrace which is currently trending among young mothers, you can also combine it with patio tiles with mixed or colorful patterns or motifs. Shabby chic is thick with shades of pastel colors. You can pour white, baby pink, light mint green, and other soft-concept colors into this shabby chic terrace supporting element.

You can add this color to the cushion cover, coffee table displays, including the ceramic terrace.

Natural stone

Natural stone is one of the most suitable front porch ceramic tile motifs if you want to carry a natural-looking appearance. In addition to the simple-looking model, the use of natural stone in the terrace area will make the area seem warmer.

If you like an elegant atmosphere, natural stone is certainly included in one of the ceramic motifs on the front porch that must be taken into account.

Ethnic themes

This ceramic terrace can be adjusted with all the selected furniture on your terrace. Now, for vintage, you don’t need a special ceramic pattern, but by combining it with the furniture on the terrace of the house. For example, a cabinet that is transformed into a patio chair, then combined with small cushions in a matching color with the ceramic floor of the terrace on the bench. The color of the patio tiles can also be adjusted to the porch walls of the house.

all black

Another model is all black with marble material. Rugged ceramic for the front porch must be luxurious so you can use marble tiles. Rough marble tiles can also minimize slipperiness. So that walking on the terrace becomes safer.

Shiny black color can make the patio look cooler. The advantage of using this ceramic is that it is cooler because it is carried away by the atmosphere of the ceramic. To enhance the appearance of the terrace, you need to add furniture such as chairs and tables.