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The Absolute Guide to Buy the Best Tile Saw

There is no doubt that you have possibly come across a never-ending list of tools that you can work with, but the real question is how do you choose the best one? Actually, buying the best tool to get your job done is not as hard as you imagine. If you need a tile saw to cut your tiles, but you don’t know how to buy the best one, below are some things that you need to consider when buying the best tile saw.

Accuracy and Versatility

Nowadays, most tiles saw are guaranteed with a higher level of accuracy. But if you want something more that can do your job correctly, then you need to be searching for versatility as well. Admit that you need a tool that will allow you to cut through different kinds of materials and also enable you to make different types of cuts without worrying about your tool being ruined.

The Absolute Guide to Buy the Best Tile Saw
The Absolute Guide to Buy the Best Tile Saw

Beveling Capacity

One of the most essential things in looking for the best tiles saw is beveling capacity. If you want your tool to be able to cut different types of materials and shapes then you need to look for a tile saw with a god beveling capacity. If you don’t have any idea how to find one, then you can read tile saw reviews online which are abundantly available on the internet, to make sure that the tool that you will buy will deliver on its promises.

Horse power

Another essential thing in looking for the best tile saw is it’s horse power. A tile saw is created to cut through many different kinds of materials in which it won’t really do great if it doesn’t have the needed horse power to sustain the activity from the start till the very end. In that case, it’s just feels like to have the right motif but lacking the drive required to accomplish the job. Therefore, you will need a tool that is strong enough to provide you with smooth cuts that won’t break the material. Needless to say, you need a tile saw with an impressive motor.

The Absolute Guide to Buy the Best Tile Saw
The Absolute Guide to Buy the Best Tile Saw

Dimensions and portability

You need to consider to choose tile saw that will offer you a good portability. When you do your contracting job that requires you to move out from your workshop, the tile saw with a good portability will come in handy. Please note that, a tool that requires many people to lift it won’t do you much good anyway. Therefore, take a moment to consider the tool’s portability and size. Don’t forget to look out for the materials as well since the weight of the tile saw can affect your work greatly. To put it simply, your tile saw should be light yet strong enough to fulfil the demands of the job and your client’s needs as well.

Blade capacity

When you are looking for the best tile saw you can’t forget about the blade. It is very important to choose a blade that will deliver the cut smoothly without leaving any sharp edge on your cuts. The best blade that you can choose in order to prevent such things is diamond blade. Make sure that you use water to cool it off while you operate this kind of diamond blade, so it won’t overheat. When you do that, your cut will have sharper appearance. Keep in mind that overheating is a bad idea that can damage your work for good, so try to buy the best tile saw which has some cooling system and also assimilate a blade that powerful enough to cut through a hard material.

Above list is several things that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for the best tile saw.

4 Unique Ideas of Ceramic Tiles Popular in 2021

What are the best designs of ceramic tiles to apply to your bathroom next year? If you have a plan to renovate your bathroom soon, the ceramic tile is an aspect to think about. Despite choosing the best products that are qualified and durable, the design must also be aesthetic. Currently, there are so many variants of ceramic tiles. Some of them are even predicted to be popular in 2021. What are they? Here are some references.

4 Unique Ideas of Ceramic Tiles Popular in 2021
4 Unique Ideas of Ceramic Tiles Popular in 2021

Plain Ceramic Tiles

This idea seems too common and not unique at all. There may not be something special if the ceramics are plain. But if you like the minimalist concept in the world of home design and architecture, plain ceramics are never wrong. It just adds the beauty and aesthetic sides to the simple and minimalist bathroom you have. You can choose neutral colors like white, grey, or light brown if the bathroom space is small enough. On the other hand, the color choices can be more varied for a bigger bathroom.

Matte Ceramic Tiles

Another idea that meets the concept of a modern and minimalist bathroom is the tile with matte finishing. Plain ideas like in the first point are not bad. Besides, there are also ceramic tiles with natural patterns like plant fibers to choose from. Matte finishing on tiles gives you some benefits. Aside from being stylish, stains tend to be more difficult to attach.

Even if there are stains, those stains don’t look too visible. Additionally, the treatments are also easier than the glossy ones. Make sure to install it well by considering lighting. Yes, one of the lacks of the matte ceramic tiles is that it cannot reflect the light as well as the glossy one.

4 Unique Ideas of Ceramic Tiles Popular in 2021
4 Unique Ideas of Ceramic Tiles Popular in 2021

Hexagonal Ceramic Tiles

If you are just bored with the conventional square ceramic tiles, you can choose this one, the hexagonal tiles. It gives you a vibe just like the honeycomb. Besides, the tile sizes are commonly smaller also. This idea is recommended for a small bathroom.

However, to avoid the room looking too crowded, combine the hexagonal ceramic ideas with a plain area. For example, half of your bathroom is covered by hexagonal ceramic while another half lets be plain. You can also trick it by placing a big mirror on one side. A mirror is always a great idea to make a room look bigger.

Metallic Ceramic Tiles

The last idea is metallic ceramics. Unfortunately, metallic ceramic tiles are not very easy to find in the market. If there are some products in the store, the prices are commonly quite expensive. As an alternative, you can buy metallic plates with big sizes. Then, the plate is cut using a chainsaw. Sure, there must be a professional worker who does it for you.

How to Pick the Best Ceramic Tiles for Your Home

Ceramic tiles are one of the favorite flooring materials. They are affordable and come in a large variety of designs. Follow this guideline to ensure that you choose the best ceramic tiles that will suit your home perfectly.

How to Pick the Best Ceramic Tiles for Your Home
How to Pick the Best Ceramic Tiles for Your Home

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Ceramic Tiles

  1. Match Them with Your House Design

Firstly, you have to ensure that the tiles match the entire style of your house. It would be weird if you install classic vintage tiles in an otherwise modern-looking house. Choosing a style that matches your house design will create a sense of cohesion that makes your residence feels cozier.

  1. Select the Right Pattern and Texture

“Right” here is subjective because it all depends on your taste. You may prefer plain tiles than those with spunky patterns. Or maybe you’d rather choose a glazed finish than unglazed tiles. It’s all up to you.

If there are more than one person in your house, you can ask the other people for their opinions. They may want to pick the tiles for their own areas. Additionally, it may be better to use glazed ceramic tiles for areas that get dirty quickly such as the kitchen. Glazed tiles are easier to clean.

  1. Choose the Color Wisely

Colors are crucial in creating the mood in a room. If you want to make a tiny area feel bigger, use bright colors such as white or pastel shades. Darker colors, on the other hand, are good to establish a dramatic effect in more spacious rooms.

Dark tiles are also great for areas that get dirty easily such as your kitchen. You may consider combining dark gray and white tiles in such areas for a more refreshing combination.

  1. Measure the Room Size

Before installing ceramic tiles in a room, you have to measure the room size first. The perfect size for your tiles depends on the size of the room. Smaller tiles are more suited to a small bathroom, while a spacious living room may look airier with larger tiles.

How to Pick the Best Ceramic Tiles for Your Home
How to Pick the Best Ceramic Tiles for Your Home

Cutting Ceramic Tiles with a Tile Saw

To ensure that ceramic tiles fit perfectly in a room, you might need to cut them to a desirable size and shape. The best way to cut ceramic tiles is using a wet tile saw. A wet tile saw is a power tool that you can use to make cuts around edges, drains, and electric outlets. It is equipped with a diamond blade. Here’s how to use it.

  1. Measure and mark the part of the tile that you want to cut.
  2. Check that the saw blade is in prime condition.
  3. Fill the water tray of the tile saw.
  4. Align the tile on the saw table and the fence.
  5. Wear safety gloves and eye protection.
  6. Start the tile saw.
  7. Using both hands, push the tile along the fence.
  8. Now you have the best ceramic tiles in the perfect size.

Inspirational Ceramic Tile Motifs for the Terrace of Your Cute House

This article will share with you about the ceramic tile motifs that you can use at your house terrace. Yes, it is undeniable that ceramic terrace houses can make our homes feel more elegant and comfortable to live in. As long as we can be right when choosing a motif and combining existing walls and furniture, ceramic tile floors can be chosen appropriately.

Wooden motif

Who said the wood motif is out of date? This is not true because ceramics with wood motifs are also able to make the terrace look more beautiful and attractive. The front porch of the house will look unique when you try to use ceramics with wood motifs. This type of ceramic motif is also able to make the house look more natural.

Ceramics with wood motifs are not only suitable for use on the front porch of the house. The living room or family room is also very suitable to be given ceramics with this one motif. Wood motifs will indeed give a natural impression, but this motif can also accentuate a calm impression on the part of the house.

Inspirational Ceramic Tile Motifs for the Terrace of Your Cute House
Inspirational Ceramic Tile Motifs for the Terrace of Your Cute House


If the ceramic floor of your house is boring, you can combine it with solid colors, namely, black and white or monochromatic. You can arrange floor tiles with a chessboard pattern like a chess piece board. The impression of the color of the ceramic floor of the house in monochrome can enliven

Shabby chic

For a shabby chic themed terrace which is currently trending among young mothers, you can also combine it with patio tiles with mixed or colorful patterns or motifs. Shabby chic is thick with shades of pastel colors. You can pour white, baby pink, light mint green, and other soft-concept colors into this shabby chic terrace supporting element.

You can add this color to the cushion cover, coffee table displays, including the ceramic terrace.

Natural stone

Natural stone is one of the most suitable front porch ceramic tile motifs if you want to carry a natural-looking appearance. In addition to the simple-looking model, the use of natural stone in the terrace area will make the area seem warmer.

If you like an elegant atmosphere, natural stone is certainly included in one of the ceramic motifs on the front porch that must be taken into account.

Ethnic themes

This ceramic terrace can be adjusted with all the selected furniture on your terrace. Now, for vintage, you don’t need a special ceramic pattern, but by combining it with the furniture on the terrace of the house. For example, a cabinet that is transformed into a patio chair, then combined with small cushions in a matching color with the ceramic floor of the terrace on the bench. The color of the patio tiles can also be adjusted to the porch walls of the house.

all black

Another model is all black with marble material. Rugged ceramic for the front porch must be luxurious so you can use marble tiles. Rough marble tiles can also minimize slipperiness. So that walking on the terrace becomes safer.

Shiny black color can make the patio look cooler. The advantage of using this ceramic is that it is cooler because it is carried away by the atmosphere of the ceramic. To enhance the appearance of the terrace, you need to add furniture such as chairs and tables.

The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Ceramic Tiles

Before you decide to choose the best ceramic tiles, you need to think carefully and plan ahead. You need to buy tiles that can hold up for a few decades. Please note that cheap is not really always cost-effective as well as the best choice for you, and the most lavish one is not necessarily the best choice either. Therefore, before you choose the tiles you need to think about your wishes as well as choices, let your imagination run wild, consult to the interior designer, look for some references from interior decorating magazines, don’t forget to check some store and maybe you will be able to find the most suitable ceramic tiles that can match your desire.

The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Ceramic Tiles
The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Ceramic Tiles

Many people out there think that the bright ceramic tiles are cheaper than the dark ones, but the fact is they are not. Therefore, you can choose to have a stunning or boring bathroom for the same amount of money. To make sure the price and how much you can afford, you need to look around or ask around because every store offers their own price ranges.

Most importantly, you need to hire the best person to install your ceramic tiles. If you hire somebody with a little experience on that matter, your ceramic tiles won’t look stunning any more. Before you hire the craftsman, don’t forget to check to check his credential, background and former work.

Another essential thing that you need to remember is the foundation of the floor that will be used to place the ceramic tiles. If it is not prepared accordingly it can cause ceramic tiles to be broke and cracked from time to time. For that sole reason, you really need a skilled craftsman because he will be able to provide you the correct information in regard to instalment of your tile floor such as, the room measurement, and the exact number of tiles and any other essential that you need to buy. Also check this

Looking for the best ceramic tiles

When you are looking for the best ceramic tiles the best option that you should choose is the first-class ceramic tiles. For your information, there are several classes of ceramic tiles. At a glimpse, they commonly look very similar, but after a few years the difference among them will be pretty noticeable, especially the third-class tiles in which they will start to break and fall apart. Apart from that, the price between the classes is not too big, so price wise, the first-class ceramic tiles is the best option for you. If the salesman tries to convince you that the first class and third-class ceramic tiles are similar, don’t ever listen to them.

The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Ceramic Tiles
The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Ceramic Tiles

Different place different kind of ceramic tiles

If you want to use ceramic tiles for your floor then you are not allowed to choose the tiles that repeatedly fired, translucent and smooth as well. This kind of ceramic tile is really slippery and it will be best for your wall instead. You also need to keep in mind that the tiles for your bathroom, hallway and kitchen should be not slippery at all, so choose for the anti-slippery one, and for your balcony you should choose the frost resistant one.

Most importantly, before you decide to buy them you need to test the tiles. You can walk on them, pour water on them and then watch their reaction. Apart from that, don’t forget to check their thicknesses.

Best Tools for Cutting Ceramic Tile

Suppose you do not want to waste your money on tile installation, you should choose the best tool for it. There are so many types of tools that you can use to cut ceramic tile. Each tool has its own function depending on how you want to cut it. Perhaps, you can consider the following tools that you can use to cut ceramic tile.

Tabletop Wet Saw

If you want to cut a lot of tiles, then you can use a tabletop wet saw. This tool can help you cut the tiles without making any trouble and give perfect results. You can buy SKIL 7 Inch Wet Tabletop Tile Saw if you want to have this tool. It is usually used by many woodworkers and it is really effective for tile cutting. It is a fixed tool that uses electricity and water. The water will spray on the work material in order to remove dust and debris. It can cut any kinds of tiles including glass tile and stone.

Tabletop Wet Saw
Tabletop Wet Saw

Handled Wet Saw

It is also known as an Oscillating tool that is almost similar to a tabletop wet saw. Basically, it has the same function as a tabletop wet saw, but you do not put it on a table while you have to hold it by your hand. This is a perfect tool to cut out an installed ceramic tile so you can bring this handled wet say anywhere. If you want to use it to cut a ceramic tile, then you have to clamp the tile tightly so that it does not move while being cut. This too also uses water to clean the debris and dust.

Handled Wet Saw
Handled Wet Saw

Snap Tile Cutter

If you want to cut a ceramic tile without spending a lot of money, then you can use this manual snap tile cutter. This tile cutter does not use a blade like a tabletop wet saw,  but it uses a stick that you can push down to cut the tile. It is just similar to a glass cutter that uses a carbide wheel. Many people call it a rail cutter that makes a satisfying snap by pressing the handle. However, this tool is not as perfect as wet tile saw and you may make a mistake while cutting the tiles.

Snap Tile Cutter
Snap Tile Cutter

Finally, those are some types of tools that you can use to cut ceramic tools. Of course, wet tile say becomes the best choice if you want to get a perfect cutting result. But, it may be more expensive than a conventional tile cutter. It is not a big deal because you will be satisfied with this tool.

Types of Tiles for Home Floors Available for Sale

You can install the floors after you finish everything. The floor also becomes the most important part in a house. That’s why you must not choose the flooring carelessly because it is difficult to repair. You can choose your favorite floors by considering the type, motifs, the materials, and even the prices. Nowadays, there are so many floor options available in the market, from the cheapest one to the most expensive one. What are the best types of floor for you to choose?

Patterned Tiles

This is a type of tile that is often used in many houses. Tile patterned tile has a variety of classic motifs that are sold at quite affordable prices. This tile is produced using a mixture of concrete sand, cement, and other materials. This tile is heavy enough which makes it require sufficient accuracy when installing it. However, this type of tile can be classified as durable with fairly simple maintenance.

Patterned Tiles
Patterned Tiles

Marble tiles

Tiles which are often referred to as marble are floor tiles derived from chunks of marble. Thus, this tile can provide the impression of luxury in your room with this amazing tile type. It becomes the best choice because of its durability. You can also use it as a wall covering for houses. With the characteristics of natural colors and glossy, this tile also is able to absorb water quickly. That’s why this marble tiles are so expensive to afford.

Granite Tiles

In contrast to marble tiles that can absorb liquids easily, granite tiles have less absorption so they can be easily maintained. The advantages of this tile have a glossy outer surface like glass. Also, granite can support heavy loads up to 500 kg per square meter. This tile looks luxurious and is very strong.

Granite Tiles
Granite Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic is a type of floor tile that is so popular in Asia. Many variants of colors that you can choose. It also comes with various shapes, patterns, and textures. The original material used on this ceramic tile is clay that is burned at a high temperature along with the glaze coating. Meanwhile, the price is quite affordable and it is also cold because its ability to absorb heat.

Ceramic Tiles
Ceramic Tiles

Stone Tiles

With its rough surface characteristics, a stone tile can be installed on the porch, kitchen, and even bathroom for the surface is not slippery at all. This kind of tile provides very good strength which allows you to use it for a long time  and it also does not require a lot of maintenance.

Some Tips For Buying a Wet Tile Saw

In construction tools, there is such a thing as a ceramic cutting machine. This machine has many functions, of course, its main function is to cut tiles. This machine is known as a wet tile saw. In developed countries, most of the tiles for cutting are already using the blade which is shaped like a circular saw. This type can cut a variety of metal materials not only tiles but also iron. Do you want to buy a wet tile saw? Maybe, you at idnplay poker can consider the following points.

Pay attention to the machine power

When choosing a tile cutting machine, you must see the engine power first. Engine power will affect strength and torque when cutting tiles. So, the greater the power the faster it is to cut. But there are other things that you need to pay attention to as well. First, adjust the engine power with electricity readiness at home. If you need a tile cutting machine for hobbies, then you should choose one that has a small wattage. But for workshops and projects, you can use the most powerful.

machine power
machine power

Pay attention to the size of the blade

Next, you also need to pay attention to the size of the cutting blade used in tile cutting machines. For cut-off saws, there are many blade sizes available. There are 7 inches, 8 inches, and even 14 inches. You simply adjust it to the desired cutting edge needs. The size of this blade will be directly proportional to the strength of the electric power.

size of the blade
size of the blade

Choose the best wet tile saw brands

The brand is another thing that must be considered when you buy a tile cutting machine. There are many well-known brands on the market that you can count on. Generally, well-known brands can guarantee durability, reliability, accuracy, and also spare parts guarantees when damage occurs.

best wet tile saw brands
best wet tile saw brands

The design of branded tile cutting machines tends to be ergonomic so that it is more comfortable to use. Although it may be expensive, a branded wet tile saw can provide good cutting accuracy. Besides, the engine is also more durable in use.

Choose a product with a warranty

When buying a tile cutting machine, especially a wet tile saw, it helps you see whether there is a warranty. Machines with a warranty are certainly safer to have. In case of damage, you just need to use the available warranty. Also, make sure that the service center is accessible easily.

Some Tools That You Must Have for House Building

Having building tools at home is not a necessity, but this will greatly facilitate you in everyday life. In everyday life, we certainly can never be separated from the need for building tools for various purposes, right? You don’t need to keep all kinds of building tools at home, just prepare the most important ones. Well, here are some of the most important building tools that need to be in your house.


The first building tool that must be available in every home is a screwdriver. You certainly know that a screwdriver is widely used in various tools, right? From the start of poker online electronic devices, furniture, to devices all need a screwdriver.

house building tools
house building tools


A tool like a saw, despite it is rarely used, it is still very important to have one. You will need a saw when you want to cut wood, cut plastic pipes, or even cut iron. No wonder this building tool is available in various models and types, all of which are tailored to the needs.


The next building tool that must be in every home is a hammer. Its use is very diverse, but the main thing is to install nails on various surfaces. This building tool is available in various models. There are more modern versions of the hammer equipped with nail picking tools too.


Who doesn’t need the help of a ladder at home, anyway? It has a lot of benefits like helping you change the lights, repairing the roof, and painting the walls. That’s why ladders become one of the building tools that need to be present in your house.

house building tools
house building tools

Measuring device

If you don’t know what the function of this measuring device is, you should read this. But, surely everyone knows the function of this building tool? Quite simply, when trying to measure something that cannot be measured by hand, then use a meter.

Wet Tile Saw

If you want to install some tiles on your floor, then you have to prepare a wet tile saw. This wet saw is very important so you can cut the tiles properly and finely. This can be a good tool if you build such a large house that requires large tile installation. It is more effective because you can cut any tiles fast and perfectly.


A drill is not only used to punch holes in walls or wooden boards because the function of this building tool has more functions. You can use a drill to install furniture, install or remove screws, and various other building works. When you buy a drill, surely you will also be given additional types of drill bits as a backup.

How to install ceramic tiles by yourself?

Ceramics are often the choice of a new family to be used as the base of their residential floor. Not only for the bathroom, but ceramic tiles can also be used on other floors, such as the living room, kiu kiu online room or bedroom. If you want to replace your floor pads with ceramics tiles, you need to know how to install ceramics tiles that you can do yourself. Here are a few tips that you can understand.

  1. Prepare the tools and materials needed

The first stage on how to install ceramic tiles certainly starts with choosing the ceramic tiles to be used. Buy ceramic tiles of the size and motif you like at the nearest building store or through the online shanties. Well, the right way to install ceramic tiles certainly requires 10 percent more ceramics than is needed in case you need more tiles for a floor that is not the same size.

How to install ceramics tiles? It certainly requires special materials. Don’t forget to buy equipment and other materials, like ceramic special cement, applicator boards, and ceramic grout. If needed, you should also prepare a wet tile saw in case you need to cut it.

  1. Measure the floor area of ​​the room

The next step is to measure the floor of the room with a special ruler. Pull the meter from one wall to another, both up and down. Give a sign and make sure they will meet at one point in the middle of the room. Then, stick the yarn along the meter line and cut out the yarn. An important thread in this series of ways to install ceramics as a reference line when the installation process begins. Now, your floor is divided into four areas with the same distance.

the floor area of ​​the room
the floor area of ​​the room
  1. Try installing ceramic tiles without cement

Before attaching the tile, try to set it on the floor first. Continue the series of ways to install ceramics from the middle of the thread meeting and use tile spacers to provide space between the tiles. How to install the right ceramic tile can not be done without knowing whether there are parts of the floor that can not be applied in full ceramic.

  1. Soak ceramic tiles

An important step in this series of installation ceramics tiles is to soak the ceramic tile in a container filled with water for a while until the pores of the ceramic tiles absorb water. In addition to making ceramics more flexible, water will help prevent ceramics from being released when applied to the floor later.

  1. Start to install ceramics

Apply cement to the floor where you will stick to the tiles. A good way to install ceramics is to start the application from the one-floor area first. Make sure the cement has been mixed with water and is free of gravel. Use the applicator board to implement how to install this tile and apply cement to the floor thinly. Don’t forget to wear gloves so your hands won’t get dirty.

Start to install ceramics
Start to install ceramics

Paste the tile, then press. When a row of ceramics tile is stuck, use any board with a flat surface to press the ceramics. It must be done so that the ceramic is installed at the same height.

  1. Apply ceramic grout

Let stand ceramic tile that has been stuck to dry. The next way to install ceramics is to apply ceramic grout mixed with water. Ceramic grout is useful in how to install ceramics to fill the gaps between the ceramics. Use a flat applicator to apply the grout and make sure all sidelines are fully loaded.

It is important to install this ceramic tole to leave the grout for 5-15 minutes and clean it with a sponge. Be careful when using a sponge to clean other areas, making sure there are no droplets of water from the sponge because this can jeopardize the performance of the grout.