Month: July 2021

4 Unique Ideas of Ceramic Tiles Popular in 2021

What are the best designs of ceramic tiles to apply to your bathroom next year? If you have a plan to renovate your bathroom soon, the ceramic tile is an aspect to think about. Despite choosing the best products that are qualified and durable, the design must also be aesthetic. Currently, there are so many variants of ceramic tiles. Some of them are even predicted to be popular in 2021. What are they? Here are some references.

4 Unique Ideas of Ceramic Tiles Popular in 2021
4 Unique Ideas of Ceramic Tiles Popular in 2021

Plain Ceramic Tiles

This idea seems too common and not unique at all. There may not be something special if the ceramics are plain. But if you like the minimalist concept in the world of home design and architecture, plain ceramics are never wrong. It just adds the beauty and aesthetic sides to the simple and minimalist bathroom you have. You can choose neutral colors like white, grey, or light brown if the bathroom space is small enough. On the other hand, the color choices can be more varied for a bigger bathroom.

Matte Ceramic Tiles

Another idea that meets the concept of a modern and minimalist bathroom is the tile with matte finishing. Plain ideas like in the first point are not bad. Besides, there are also ceramic tiles with natural patterns like plant fibers to choose from. Matte finishing on tiles gives you some benefits. Aside from being stylish, stains tend to be more difficult to attach.

Even if there are stains, those stains don’t look too visible. Additionally, the treatments are also easier than the glossy ones. Make sure to install it well by considering lighting. Yes, one of the lacks of the matte ceramic tiles is that it cannot reflect the light as well as the glossy one.

4 Unique Ideas of Ceramic Tiles Popular in 2021
4 Unique Ideas of Ceramic Tiles Popular in 2021

Hexagonal Ceramic Tiles

If you are just bored with the conventional square ceramic tiles, you can choose this one, the hexagonal tiles. It gives you a vibe just like the honeycomb. Besides, the tile sizes are commonly smaller also. This idea is recommended for a small bathroom.

However, to avoid the room looking too crowded, combine the hexagonal ceramic ideas with a plain area. For example, half of your bathroom is covered by hexagonal ceramic while another half lets be plain. You can also trick it by placing a big mirror on one side. A mirror is always a great idea to make a room look bigger.

Metallic Ceramic Tiles

The last idea is metallic ceramics. Unfortunately, metallic ceramic tiles are not very easy to find in the market. If there are some products in the store, the prices are commonly quite expensive. As an alternative, you can buy metallic plates with big sizes. Then, the plate is cut using a chainsaw. Sure, there must be a professional worker who does it for you.